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I wrote the review below as well, but I needed more space! We could not be more happy with our experience at Calvert Academy.

  • I’ve been using OS X since its inception back around 2000 and have never needed anything more than disk utility to correct index problems.
  • As Friv said below, at one point in your life you didn’t know about this “common knowledge”.
  • And yes, I have personally experienced the sting of data loss.
  • You weren’t born with this knowledge and likely learned it from a person, a book, or even a website like this one…the same goes for changing a tire or checking the oil.
  • The world is always grateful to have been bestowed with a genius like yourself.

But this is not what homeschooling should be, it is not even what a curriculum should be from a teacher’s perspective I am overwhelmed and confused. NO BOOKS. Online only, but the lessons refer to activities on paper books, like take a sticky note and place it in the text when you reread the story. Many typos and serious grammatical errors like they wrote it in the middle of the night and didn’t proof it. Really long lessons, with projects that take 47 days for a kindergardener?? There are no lesson plans for the parent, just “notes” on a different computer that you would need next to you, and they are just not that helpful. And I don’t know what the point of it is either so I can’t teach it. You guessed it, no refund, you must pay $1200 more dollars still which is three months more.

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I used Calvert curriculum when my children were in elementary school. The reading books whatsapp for computer for first grade were colorful with wonderful stories. By sixth grade, they had read a shortened version of Robinson Crusoe and were learning about the Battle of Hastings and the Hundred Years War. It was SO interesting, and they loved knowing about things that the kids in public school were never exposed to. I liked that we could either follow the enclosed teacher book or use whatever seemed appropriate at the time and could supplement with other things I found. We could also take vacations whenever it suited our family. My children did eventually attend a public high school, where they graduated as valedictorians.

The wonderful mythology and world stories books seem to be gone. Homeschool learning seems to have changed from a family bonding, interactive experience to handing your kid a workbook or sitting him in front of a computer screen for hours at a time. What a shame to lose what made Calvert such a unique and wonderful curriculum. I forgot to mention that for 2 days of the last 5 the website was down and we couldn’t actually access the curriculum? My husband says it is just the first week and give it a chance.

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We live abroad and after Covid restrictions were put in place, my son was having a very undesirable experience with his private school’s Zoom classes. We switched to Calvert Academy for 9th grade and he’s honestly never done better. He loves the flexibility of when he can study and that he is able to finish ahead of schedule. It’s been one of the only positive things that has happened in 2020. For grades K-12, families can enrolls students in the accredited Calvert Academy online. For grades 3-12, families can sign up at more affordable rate to use the Calvert online curriculum without enrolling in the academy.